Open(ing) Doors

A letter from the Architect of August.

Aloha, dear readers, new + old. Changes (always) abound. A Literary Device is undergoing major reorganization, renovations, & improvements. A rebirth, of sorts, but really, I’m just switching gears as I pick up speed, shifting my focus to include A Literary Device in my daily cross-hairs. My goal is to transform A Literary Device into a legitimate literature blog.

I am embracing changes in my life & following the truth where I find it. One such major change is the realization that I ought to change my degree to follow the subjects I love to study. Among the things I Love to study the most are Literature, Poetry, Mythology, & Philosophy. & among my favorite hobbies are writing, blogging, & digging for information. A Literary Device has mostly been a private dark-room where I experimented with Literature-blogging. But as of late, I’ve felt the unfolding of spring within me, as if doors are opening that were closed before, and decided to bring my work into the light.

What kind of life do I want to cultivate? What projects did I stay true to & put something of my true self into? What did I begin & what did I finish? Did I love what I loved consistently? Did I follow my hopes & dreams beyond the negation of things like “Reality” & “Fear?” What do my tributaries of attention feed into? The answers build my life but I provide the answers…

Instead of dividing my interests, I’ve decided to unite myself, and embrace what comes, holding to the best of my abilities with hopeful abandon. Moving forward, stretching upward, breathing steadily – that’s growth.I’ve learned to recognize & unplug from distractions. I’m always still learning, really. Dividing myself between too many things, unable to keep the pace with my scattered thoughts, I’ve recognized the importance of condensing my attention to a few select things only. Thus, I am overhauling the way I do things & stream-lining everything to work more efficiently. Converging the river deltas of my attention is key. Identifying my tributaries & closing off the toxic feeds, I can pool the source of my creativity together & then divert  it in thicker veins to feed into larger reservoirs of work. A Literary Device will be one such perpetual project of mine &, with Work, will become a major platform from which to grow as a deep reader, a thoughtful student, & an imaginative story-teller.

Thanks for reading & please enjoy (p/e). Open Door Policy & all, y’all.

Always yours,

Cody Jo, the Architect of August

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